How to Pay for ID print

A Comprehensive Guide to paying us for your IDs is now accepting Paypal, Credit & Debit Cards indirectly. Online shopping has become a norm. There are things that you can buy easily with the help of your Credit or Debit card. If that’s not enough, you can easily avail any virtual or physical product with the help of payment processors such as Paypal, Alipay. However, most payment options require you to use your Bank account or personal information to process.

Let’s talk about buying a fake ID for your urge of booze or some special occasion. Is it worth giving your financial information to a vendor based in China? Or even some shady company in the US? We know nobody will convince you to do so. However, most buyers of counterfeit IDs are young people like yourself. If you need that much needed ID at any cost; then, we know you won’t shy away from paying it your bank account or credit card.

On, we make it easier for you. We will provide you with convenient ways to pay us. These ways or methods will not force you to compromise on your most important factor which is your privacy. Research suggests that with the use of Cryptocurrency; people are now increasingly using coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum to pay in a more anonymous and secure manner.

We provide multiple payment options which can be used to buy our IDs. These are secured and guaranteed to provide you privacy in terms of a customer. We allow you to pay us with;